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(no subject)  
12:07am 03/05/2007
I got a new LJ
the name is : Loli_Panda

please add me right away! Im not using this anymore.. just to remind people of my new LJ.
mood: awakeawake
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(no subject)  
12:40pm 28/05/2006
So... Im still ehart broken liekwoah. I keep pretending this never happened, its what I wanna do for my last week here. Im so nice to Rob too. We watched Final Fantasy7: Advent hilren together.. then lots of tv. We were sitting on the couch. Then he layed his legs on me and I rubbed his feet. Then I got hima drink. his mom walked in and got soo hurt. Because she HATES him. Completly hates her son. And... I should too. But I dont. And I dont know why.

His mother abnd her boyfriend, Jim, woke me up today at 7:30 am. Told me that she and he love me like their own daughter and they ant me to move with them to their new house in acouple of weeks. I mean this house is HUGE! 5 bedrooms.. 12 acres. All of that. Even Robs 9year old brother think it would be awesome if i went... even thogh Rob isnt allowed. Robs mother doesnt care if Rob isnt going to afford rent this month. Nor does she care if he gets kicked out. Says its what he deserves for lying to me, to her and to everyone else. And for ruining a family. This woman is fuckin married with 4 kdis! WTF.

Rob told that girl on the phone that he doesnt want to start a relationship with her. Said that he loves me and he cant just remove that love and just wants to be alone. She wouldnt get off the phone everytime he said he was going. Fuckin whore... I hate her.I hope somethign horrible happends to her.

Well anyway. Im going to be gonig to New York for the summer. And Hopefully, I'll come back to IL and just stay here. We'll see...
mood: depresseddepressed
music: the juliana theory
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08:26pm 08/05/2006
yey! I went to my firstconvention last saturday. Went with Rob and his lil bro. I met Kelcie Son Jimmy Chris and Sara! It was freakin awesome FINNALLY meeting Son and Kelcie! Kelcie you look liek a cute little chibi.. something cute! I wanted to hug you alot! XD. ANd Son yey! Ah I wanna live closer to you guys now.. ::moves closer::. Son.. your bro Jimmy is freakin hilarious! He looks liek a woman! XD

Ah I wanna go to this "out of state" thing. Can I?? PLEASE!? Tell me about it pleaassee! XD I have no clue which one you guys are talkign about. But I had so much fun! This weird tall guy scratched my head and smiled.. cuz I was a cat.. well.. u know.. Ritsuka, This one call points to me and says "Ritsuka-kun!!" and another girl asks "Wheres Soubi??" which is Ritsuka's fighter. YEY! I wanan go again! Rob even liked it!!! Rob thought you guys were all awesome. ^_^
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07:25pm 23/06/2005
mood: productiveproductive
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